Venetian Murano Chandelier "Cà REZZONICO"

Rezzonico, whose name comes from the first  chandelier , created and drawn in 1700 for a noble venetian  family: the Rezzonico, and it was placed in their palace on Canal Grande , that nowadays is a museum called Ca' Rezzonico.
This particuliar chandelier, obviously all hand made, needs a specific processing, since its arms are made of many small glass pieces.
The chandelier is finished with flowers in "Coloured Pasta", that adorn it.
The chandeliers are made in many different sizes, shapes and colours, USUALLY ON CUSTOMIZED PROJECT.
Every chandelier, even the smallest, might be made with 500 glass pieces, blown one by one.
To make a Rezzonico sometimes  it takes months.
It has steel structure and arms slipped , piece after piece, the glasses that will create the chandelier: these parts are called "bossole" and are usually made of glass "at rigadin", which means with longitudinal  streaks.
In the lowest part of every arm are placed important elements called "cornucopia"; from there starts , hanging on a small  glass buttonhole, a drop pendent.
The artistic Murano Glas is appreciated and known all over the world, since the earliest times Venetian glass is symbol of quality 
and charming, joining tradition and modern processing.
Red Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico, White Venetian Glass Chandelier, Black Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico,
Amber Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico, Amethyst Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico, Red with Crystal particular Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico, Gold  Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico, Crystal Murano Glass Chandelier Cà Rezzonico