Classic Venetian Murano Chandelier

White Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Black Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Red Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Gold Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Amber Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Venetian Classic  Glass Chandelier with Lampshades, Amethyst Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier, Crystal Venetian Classic  Glass Chandelier, Coloured Classic  Murano Glass Chandelier

The first Murano chandeliers had a structure made by one or more candles, usually in circle and kept by arms with spokes strating from a main part hanging from the ceiling. The variations were this central  theme and the arms, depending on the Glass Masters inspiration and the needs of the purchasers. The main material for the producing is Murano  glass obviously, but for the structure we  also use brass, iron  aluminium and other metals.Since from the Renaissance the chandelier enriches with  ornamental materials, as Murano glass, china  and hard stones.